Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lost dogs and lonely hearts by Lucy Dillon

This is the first book from Lucy Dillon and I can  clearly say I'm a fan now.
It took a couple of chapters in and then I was hooked and found it hard to put the book down.

The story starts with Racheal who in one day loses the love of her life her job and a place to live all one go and on top of that a aunt has died leaving her a old house a a dog kennels. Racheal is a city girl and this is totally opposite to her life but after been handed Gem her aunts dog her hearts warms go her new and nightmares of running the dogs home.

We also meet Natalie and Johnny are trying so hard for a baby but finding themselves fostering Bertie a Bassett hound if raids the fridge and steaks the sofa.

Rachael also meets Zoe a new single mum with two young boys with the ex that spoils them and gives them a dog but no maintain eu to support the boys and the dog, Zoe finds herself falling in love the dog and for once starts feeling her self agin but would that be down to Bill the local doctor that adopting lulu a poodle!!!!

Through the book you see how Rachael grows into a different person and how's she saves the dog home to make her aunt proud.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Wish Upon a Star by Sarah Morgan

We'll another great Christmas read from Sarah Morgan. This book is split into two halves that integrate with one another.
The first story is of a wife and husband that lost there way, Christy is a mother if two children and is married to Alessandro a Spanish and infuriating A&E doctor, Christy was once a super A&E nurse but gave this up when she had kids , but Alessandro only see that Christy as the mother of they children and not a women anymore and feels that he does not love her anymore. Alessandro deals with Christy leaving for London but when she comes homes does she love him or has she moved on...
Christy takes on bank work and they are forced to work with each and a little help from they best friend Jake they realise they are made for each other.

The second have of the book starts on Christmas Day with Jake's story, he has only ever loved one women and he moved aside for his best friend as they were made for each other and from then on Jake has been choosy , so when he meets a mystery women on a hill walk in the snow he can't but want to know more , but after spending Christmas Day together she disappeared until he gets called into work on Boxing Day to find her working on his ward as a bank midwife and pregnant , but he can't get her to of his head they spend time together he opens up his heart as he thinks she the one but does she let him in as Miranda has not had a perfect family life and does not trust anyone!!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

A lovely short christmas tale from Debbie Macombe this year, this may be a short story but there was a great lot of detail in it.

The story is based around Carrie Slayton who is a reporter on the big city society page but who is not living the dream ,when she goes to hand in her notice she is given a shot to write a great story !!!!!!

Her mission is to find  Finn Dalton a reclusive author , her travels take her to Alaska she knows that this task will be hard as this man speaks to know one of importance but she presses her way in and from the start there is an connection .

Will she ever get this stubborn man to open up to a story or even his heart.

A great book and a perfect stocking filler for any bookworm.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sleigh Bells in The Snow By Sarah Morgan

I waited  for a year for this book and I was not disappointed it was worth the wait as Sarah Morgan really does put the magic into Christmas.

Kayla Green loves her job over the years she has thrown herself into work rather than life but she is the best of the best in what she does.
Kayla lands a new account with Snow Crystal Ski Resorts, she pulls all the stops out until the very dishy owner Jackson O'Neil instructs her is she will need to spend a week at Snow Crystal the week before Christmas her worst nightmare begins, Kayla hates Christmas she locks herself  away until it's over !!!!!!
Will Kayla heart melt back to whole again into Jackson O'Neil hands and the love for Christmas too ?

I read this book in two days found it really hard to put down and can't wait for next years Christmas tale from Sarah Morgan

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Make my Wish Come True by Fiona Harper

This is the second book from Fiona Harper I loved her first christmas book last year so I could not wait to read this Xmas read.

The story is based around to sisters Juliet and Gemma at the start of the book you can tell they are too different people as sisters grow up some grow apart this has happened to Juliet and Gemma.

Juliet is busy running around after her family as life is passing her by and Gemma is running away from life with her family. So one day they decide so swap they christmas , Juliet as a rammed packed written down too a tee so everything goes to plan and everyone has fun, Gemma as a sunny holiday booked  in the Caribbean sun . What will the sisters learn about they lives and they sisters lives!!

And with out fail Fiona Harper has added a little Christmas romance for both the sisters.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Calling Mrs Christmas By Carole Matthews

This is the third book on my christmas read of 2013 and the first Carole Matthews book.

The story starts with Cassie Smith  who lost her job a year ago but has a love for christmas and turns it into a business " calling Mrs christmas ". This title does not let the book down . Cassie is in a lovely relationship  with Jim who is a prison office for Young Offenders Unit with a heart of gold. As her business grows Cassie land her all important client Carter Randall who has a bank of gold before Cassie knows she wrapped up her christmas joy and finds her self falling for Carter, who will she chose the man with the heart of gold or the man with the bank of gold ???????

Also what I loved about the book the Carole Matthew brought to the book the true joy of giving and not receiving  with Jim and the two boys from the Young Offenders Unit I won't say too much as this is the gem of the story but please go and read this book before christmas you will be disappointed.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan

This is the second book from the Cupcake Cafe that I have read, loved it just as much as the first one.

Issy dream is running her own cupcake shop , which comes true and on the way she makes friends with Pearl and Caroline who help run the shop by the end of her first book Issy has everything she would some new friend her own cupcake shop and her own Prince Charming Austin.

We catch up with Issy and the gang in this book around Christmas time , everything is going wonderfully until Austin get a lifetime Job offer in New York, but Issy has to decide between her dream of the shop and a new adventure in
New York !!!!!!!!!!

I love this book as when I pick up and started reading it I felt like the story had not ending from the first book and looking forwards to the next instalment if there is one .

Monday, 4 November 2013

Pastures New By Julia Williams

I could not put this book down from the first page .You fall in love with the people in the book. Amy has a broken heart after losing her husband , but they had a dream of moving to the country .Amy moves with her young son to a village far from her life before.Amy meets Henry her neighbour how she soon adopts into her family of two also she befriends Saffron a mother of a new baby and husband and dealing with her ex so her life is so not slow place. Then there is Ben the dashing village doctor will he mend her broken heart, will she let him!!!!!. if you have not read book then get a copy .