Sunday, 20 April 2014

Open house by Jill Marsell

This is the first book by Jill Marsell that I have read, so when I read the back I was hooked and had to read !!!!!!!
In this book we meet Neil O'Driscoll who since forever has had a crush on Marcus Kilburton according to her diary, so when Marcus opens the castle to the public Neil has to be his to because his  personal assistance to save her mother house from being sold from under her....

Neil is not like everyone in her family she studied at school when to university  so when she got the job she had to proof she was good at it and stay away from Marcus !!! But Neil has served secrets from her past is about to catch yo with one which is being her special gift of fortune telling from her gypsy roots but is there a part of her past that doesn't want to let go can she see her future with!!!!!

But her best Hetty as stuck by her , so now she needs her best friend as her world is falling apart as her husband has left her from a younger model moved in down the road in the same village!!!!!
Hetty is a wonderful cook and in the end gets her revenge as the new girl friend as put dear old Tony on a diet so when visit they daughter tony is craving her food and soon fells into bed with his ex wife that he left and then comes an affair but Hetty has a good heart and stops it as she feels sorry for the growl friend but also gets her confident back that tony took when he left her and towards the end of the book we find Hetty being talked up by the new local doctor ..........

Through the book we have bits and piece of Neil's life but it soon comes together the there is a dark sercert in Neil's heart that when she went away to university she feel in love with a Ben but they was one little problem Ben lived off his parents which Neil so when they had a mother of all rows over a holiday Neil had enough and left Ben but he decided to go away with another girl instead and that night they were involved in a very bad car crash   and Ben was left with not much life at all Neil stood by he sat by his bed everyday till he came around even thou his parents had given up hope months ago on they son. Ben doesn't not remember  breaking up with her so Neil so treats it like it over time Neil's love turns to guilt and is staying for all the wrong reasons does she let Marcus know her dark secret will she open her heart to her and will Ben let her go , that you will have to find out by reading the book but you will not be disappointed .

I'm looking forward to reading more books from this great author .

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff

There are so many books out there that left an impression in our lives the first book was The Colour Purple and now I can add this to my list the book is so beautifully written that I felt I was there at it has made an impact and everyone should read this book but warning you will need tissues....

In this book we meet Jenni and ghost writer who has kept a dark sercert for twenty fives years she doesn't even tell anyone not even her best friends or the love of her life Rick !!!!!

Rick and Jenni and rick are at a crossroads in there relationship Rick wants children but Jenni doesn't so when Jenni is approched at her best friends wedding by she and Rick decide sometime apart will do them good but when Jenni finds out where the job is she starts to panic but decides to face her demons head on.

When she arrives at Polvarth, Cornwall the place she vowed never return too as it was too painful and now everything she pushed to back of her head was coming rushing back over and over again.....
But Jenni was here to do a job and pushes throughout it to meet Klara her client for the next few days.

As Jenni starts to record Klara story she finds that they share the same grief for a lost brother and opens wounds that Jenni doesn't  want to deal with from chapter five Klara starts to talk about her children hood and her family moving to Java on a plantation farm they are all close and family life is grand but as Klara opens up more about her family and the war moving to Java and book travels through the time of the war moving to Java, this book is beautiful written. Into great detail of the time Klara , her mother brother in war camps I really felt the I was there too as the story pulled me in I felt like I was Jenni listening to the detail but as the Klara story comes to and end Jenni opens up about what happen to her brother and Klara and Jenni find a bond that will never break and Jenni starts to heal and I not saying to much as this book needs to be read by your own eyes and I hope it leaves a mark in your reading history as a book that must be read.