Sunday, 20 December 2015

Out of the Darkness by Kathy Hogan

If you are a believer of the spirit world then this a book is for you, Even if you believe that things happen for a reason then go grab a copy for this wonderful tale.

This book touched me in a very personal level, as a child I was open to spirits. My Nan often told me that I had a special gift after she passed we still had contact when I need her the most until 15 years ago when  lost my mother also too cancer, when she passed , I was very angary and the gift seem to disappeared with her !!!!! But events in my life and yet again I’m fighting the Cancer the battle again this time it’s my husband who has a ¾ brain tumour but has brought me comfort that my gift has come back to keep me strong, So I would like to say a very Big Thank you to Kathy for reminding me of my gift and too kept my strength up..

In this wonderful take we three fabulous women that are coping with the people they have lost in very different ways, fighting to live and living life to the full. First we meet Jessica; she is just about living from day to day. She is dealing with the loss of her mother and it has hit her hard and isn’t coping. So one New Year Eve after a shift at the hospital all wants to go back to her home of hell and sleep, but on the way home she bumps into an old friend from school who drags her back to a house party where her boyfriend and his friend . Jessica and the boyfriend do not hit it off and Jessica lands in walking out with the boyfriend’s best friend chasing after her she didn’t need this on this day of all days her mother’s birthday !!!

The man catches up with her and starts making apologies for his friend and offers to take her for a drink and for some reason she can’t say no and that night she lets go and lets fun into her life the next morning they exchange numbers promising they will catch up later but this never happens, but this fateful meeting pushes her to go to bereavement counselling she needs to move on. That path leads her to a chance meeting with Alex who as just moved to Brighton and congratulated her on the pregnancy, was Jessica pregnant! She soon comes to terms with the news and they become friends. Alex opens up about moving  to Brighton and her job, but couldn’t help spill the beans about the going on’s in the house why it’s cold really cold in some areas the noises she hears and the strange feeling to want to go sailing . While out about one day Alex is draw to shop and there’s advert for a medium night so she pulls Jessica along. With Jessica dragging her heels but wanted to please her new friend, they attended the meeting and it wasn’t a success, but on leaving a lady approached them telling them she had a message for them, but the message doesn’t make sense at all, but in time it all pieces will come together once they bring Hannah into the fold.

Hannah was dealing with the loss of her brother and the blame that her mother puts on her for his death. Fate has dealt its cards and once the three build a strong friendship they attend another Medium night at the beacon hoping that Jessica makes a connection with her mother but find a strong bond that will be with them forever.

That’s where I leave the spoilers, could write all day about this wonderful story and also I want people to read the story with they own eyes and take what they will from it.

Once again thank you Kathy for this wonderful story, there as only been a handful of books that have touched my soul and this is one of them.



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